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LTE CEM Solutions

LTE Customer Experience Management and Service Assurance is essential today. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the gold standard for 4G wireless networks worldwide. LTE is a dramatic leap forward in terms of high speeds and low latency, enabling high quality video streaming, multi-player online action games and lightening fast file downloads. To meet LTE subscribers’ expectations for the highest quality of experience and ultra-high bandwidth, CEM and service assurance solutions need to monitor subscribers’ QoE and provide powerful troubleshooting tools to resolve issues rapidly.

RADCOM’s solutions for LTE include the MaveriQ for  LTE, the MaveriQ for VoLTE, as well as the eDiamond Smart Analyzer for LTE.



The complexity of 4G service delivery in LTE networks, together with rising user expectations of service quality, present a challenge to service providers. Customers’ expectation of a seamless user experience, in addition to their requirement of a high standard of customer care, underline the need for powerful monitoring and troubleshooting tools.

In addition, LTE's high speeds present new LTE monitoring challenges to the service provider.

  • Operators deploying and operating LTE networks need powerful monitoring tools to manage services.
  • Operators need to monitor each and every subscriber session to immediately detect any decrease in Quality of Experience.
  • New network architecture with several interfaces and diverse protocols requires powerful troubleshooting tools.
  • Engineers must understand and rectify problems arising from network congestion, inadequate radio resources, mobility and data network abuse .
  • Operators need to proactively monitor SLAs and react quickly to rectify problems that degrade service quality.

RADCOM's MaveriQ LTE Customer Experience Management and Service Assurance solution meets these challenges by monitoring the complete user experience, including web browsing, video and voice and providing powerful analytical tools to detect and pinpoint performance issues.




RADCOM's MaveriQ LTE Customer Experience Management solution presents many benefits including

  • Comprehensive Customer Experience analysis which ensures your users are happy with all aspects of their service.
  • Effective management of user transition from legacy networks to 4G
  • Powerful troubleshooting tools that provide an end-to-end correlated view from the network and cell level, down to session-level protocol decoding.
  • Specialized applications to look after roamers, VIPs, corporate accounts and specific handset types guarantee revenues from these subscribers
  • Voice QoE managment – CSFB and VoLTE
  • Wi-Fi offload management
  • Integration with Policy and Traffic management for automated optimization

This comprehensive range of sophisticated capabilities allows the operator to maintain a high level of LTE subscriber satisfaction, to avoid churn and to increase the network profitability.

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