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MaveriQ Service Assurance Solution

RADCOM’s MaveriQ is the solution to service assurance and customer experience management challenges that service providers are experiencing today as a result of traffic explosion. In addition, MaveriQ solves the challenges that await service providers in the near future as a consequence of upgrading their current networks, and deployment of new LTE networks.

The MaveriQ is composed of RADCOM’s Analytics System, the Service Assurance Application Suite and the new MaveriQ probe. The Service Assurance Application Suite provides solutions for roaming, interconnection & SLA monitoring. The MaveriQ monitors multiple services such as Mobile Data, Voice, SMS, and Video that run over  a wide range of technologies including LTE, VoLTE, UMTS, GPRS, and IMS, all in one box.

MaveriQ employs a comprehensive array of service and network performance, and measurement methodologies to continuously analyze service performance, big data and quality. LTE and VoLTE ready with its enhanced correlation capabilities, MaveriQ offers the service provider full end-to-end visibility of the network across technologies, while also providing the ability to drill down and troubleshoot to the session level and to see all the details of an operators traffic. MaveriQ is also available as an NFV-ready solution today. RADCOM is a member of Intel® Network Builders Program.



  • Measures real Customer Experience analysis
  • Self optimizing network solution for cell congestion control
  • Ensures QoS for voice, data and mobility services
  • Guarantees customer satisfaction by proactive troubleshooting
  • Minimizes churn by enabling smarter customer care
  • Protects revenue streams by improving VIP customer QoE

Main Features

  • Supports Terabit speed networks, thus suitable for network speeds today and in the future
  • Ultra-fast reports, giving you answers straight away.
  • Flexible and modern user interface
  • Advanced user analytics, providing a large number of sophisticated reports.
  • Scalable, cost effective solution

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