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Media Streaming Monitoring Solution

First-class Quality of Experience for video subscribers is a major concern for internet service providers. Today, video traffic already comprises the majority of consumer Internet traffic over mobile and wireline networks, and it is expected to quadruple by 2015. Consequently an effective Video Monitoring Service Assurance solution for wireline and wireless network operators is highly important.

Internet streaming can encounter problems owing to bandwidth changes and irregularity. In addition, network performance parameters may often cause the broadcast to freeze, and harm the quality of the viewing experience. Media Streaming usage has to be constantly monitored by service providers in order to align network resources with bandwidth demand. Furthermore, the wide variety of protocols and standards that are used for Media Streaming require tools that can provide insight into all technologies used in the streaming sessions.

RADCOM’s MaveriQ Service Assurance system provides a comprehensive solution that meets the challenges of Media Streaming over mobile and wireline networks by analyzing and correlating a large number of network-level and user-level metrics that affect QoE. MaveriQ proactively detects network issues that affect Media Streaming and finds the root cause of low-quality viewing experiences so they can be addressed by service providers. By providing a holistic view of all user experiences over the network, including web, voice and video, MaveriQ helps maintain subscriber satisfaction, increases loyalty and reduces churn.



Service providers face the following challenges related to Media Streaming:

  • Fluctuations in network performance can drastically affect video quality.
  • Video streaming Quality of Experience cannot be estimated with traditional KPIs/metrics
  • Multiple streaming protocols and codecs are used over the web, including HTTP Progressive Download, RTSP, HLS, Flash, Silverlight, 3GP-DASH, RTP, RTCP
  • Since video is a major bandwidth consumer, service providers need visibility into the elements driving their video traffic.


RADCOM's MaveriQ Service Assurance solution provides the following benefits for Media Streaming services:

  • Displays a large set of network-level and user-level KQIs/KPIs for Media Streaming
  • Correlates streaming control and transport protocols for an end-to-end view of the user experience
  • Calculates Video and Audio quality for each Media Streaming session
  • Provides proactive alarms for irregularities in Media Streaming QoE 
  • Optimizes network efficiency by identifying Media Streaming usage according to websites, content, handset types and users.
  • Media Streaming assurance is part of the MaveriQ Service Assurance solution, providing a holistic view of the complete user experience including Web, Voice and Video

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