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VoIP Performer - Analysis and Testing

RADCOM's VoIP Analyzer is the perfect testing and analysis tool for VoIP and SIP.  Voice over IP testers provide a next-generation VoIP testing solution designed to help users analyze the voice quality of complex VoIP environments. RADCOM's VoIP analyzers significantly reduce time-to-market and development costs, as well as simplifying the evaluation process critical to successful deployment. Powerful VoIP analyzer and testing features provide highly accurate measurements and accelerated data output, integrated with automation tools 



VoIP presents the following benefits:

  • One platform for all technologies
  • Support of a large number of technologies and codecs
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Remote operation
  • True portability in terms of size and weight
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily customized
  • Connects to any PC
  • Support of over 600 different protocols
  • Scalable solution
  • Plug-in interface modules for flexibility

Main Features

VoIP Performer includes the following applications

SIPSimulator application: A high performance SIP services load generator that emulates multiple SIP entities and focuses on high-stress load generation of any SIP application

323SIm Application: VoIP Simulator capable of emulating the functionality of an H.323 terminal.

MediaPro VoIP Tester and Video Tester: A real-time, hardware-based VoIP network equipment tester and analyzer, and multi-protocol, multi-technology VoIP and video analyzer, capable of analyzing a wide variety of VoIP signaling protocols and media CODECs.

QPro Application: A multi-technology call generator and call quality analyzer for PSTN, VoIP and Cellular technologies in one product; the QPro enables users to easily generate calls and measure quality parameters over a variety of interfaces.


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