Provides automated, 5G AI analytics that can be integrated with RADCOM ACE or form the foundation for zero-touch automation with RADCOM NWDAF. RADCOM AIM automatically finds network anomalies and saves time in resolving degradations.

Automated AI/ML-based insights

Once RADCOM AIM is deployed on the network, it learns baseline behavior and automatically creates thresholds without operators needing to configure them.

Delivering telco use cases

RADCOM AIM uses the latest AI innovations and is deployed at many of our customers worldwide, providing telco-specific use cases based on our many years of experience in implementing assurance solutions.  

  • Anomaly detection for hundreds of KPI/KQIs
  • Automated root cause analysis
  • Early warning detection of anomalies
  • Optimizing network performance
  • Planning network capacity
  • Predictive analytics

Flexible and dynamic solution

Operators can use AI models developed internally as part of RADCOM AIM and users can choose their preferred models for each use case. Users can also provide feedback that RADCOM AIM learns from improving the automated insights for everyone.  

Unique benefits:

Delivers telco-specific use cases

Uses the latest AI innovations to deliver insights that save time and automates network operations

Combines unsupervised and supervised ML

Automatically creates thresholds, while accepting user input to improve AI models

Supports real-time

Analyzes and streams resulting insights in real-time

Advantages for operators include up to:


increase in engineering efficiency with AI/ML-based insights


better resource allocation and planning with AI-based forecasting


 improvement in RAN coverage with AI-based RAN optimization

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