Network Insights

Manage and optimize your mobile and fixed network by gaining insights into the service quality, and overall customer experience with a suite of web-based network intelligence applications. Drill down from a macro (network or service) to a micro (specific subscriber) view to troubleshoot. 

Presents the data insights analyzed and correlated by RADCOM  Service Assurance and presents them in a web-based analytics platform. Covering various services and domains such as executive overviews, roaming, IoT, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), 5G onboarding, VoNR, fixed broadband, OTT analytics, mobility experience, and more.

With RADCOM AIM (Automated Insights Module) deployed, these network intelligence applications include AI/ML-powered insights such as anomaly detection and automated root cause analysis for the RAN to resolve customer-impacting issues proactively and save engineering resources.

Provides the operator with an end-to-end understanding of the service quality and customer experience with drill-downs for in-depth troubleshooting.

Offers next-generation tools for network optimization and root-cause analysis, such as call tracing and in-depth packet analysis. With a responsive UI that supports multiple users and provides complete administrative control while adhering to security and user content privacy.

Easy to deploy and collaborate

for collaboration

Runs on any platform Windows, UNIX, or Linux.

Support multiple users with cloud-sharing

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