RADCOM Network Insights

RADCOM Network Insights solution offers you a unified view of 4G and 5G networks and focuses on end-to-end customer-centric indicators. It provides an understanding of the real customer experience across all your services and how to resolve customer-impacting service degradations. Offering insights in real-time for streaming analytics and closed-loop management of your customer experience services and delivering batch data for more detailed analysis and network optimization.

5G Network Insights Solution

  • Full support for SA 5G
  • SBA architecture, SBI deciphering, and complex CUPS correlation
  • Offers the ability to detect and report on dual connectivity NR capable devices
  • Enables the operator to differentiate between the 5G and 4G connected traffic
  • Includes a complete set of KPI dashboards and drill down to an end-to-end correlated call trace

Real-Time, Streaming Analytics for Closed-Loop Automation

RADCOM Network Insights solution offers you customer and service insights with real-time streaming analytics for a closed-loop approach.

Streaming analytics for proactive assurance:

  • Alarm generation to external BSS/OSS/NFVO systems
  • Ad-hoc generation of new flows such as alarms
  • Mediation of external data sources to the message bus
  • Process flow automation using an easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Publish to a queue (Kafka, JMS, AMQP)
  • Call a Rest API
  • Report to Syslog.

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