RADCOM Network Insights offers you a unified view of the 4G and 5G network and focuses on end-to-end customer-centric indicators. It provides an understanding of the real customer experience across all your services, and how to resolve customer-impacting service degradations. Offering insights in real-time for streaming analytics and closed-loop management of your customer experience services and delivering batch data for more detailed analysis and network optimization.


Gain AI-Driven Network Insights

RADCOM Network Insights provides operators with AI-driven insights to proactively monitor the network with anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and an understanding of the customer experience in encrypted traffic for services like video streaming and OTT traffic.


Features and Benefits

Having an automated service assurance solution with built-in AI offers you several main benefits:

  • Analyze immense amounts of data generated by the network, which no human can do.
  • Solve complex pattern recognition problems and identifies patterns over time and across different data sources.
  • Optimize the network in a shorter amount of time- when data is dealt with by machines, it reduces the time invested in network management.
  • Measure KPIs for network self-optimization.
  • Predict network congestion and assist with traffic classification.
  • Classify alarms according to historical behavior and automatically identify their root-cause.

Our solution is built with a Machine Learning (ML) modular architecture, so that new and updated ML models can be seamlessly integrated and used for telecom-specific use cases, such as:


Optimize network performance

By utilizing AI-driven insights, engineers remain focused on handling critical customer-affecting issues rather than handling “alerts” that have no real effect on subscribers. We use anomaly or outlier detection to search for data that does not match an expected behavior or a pattern in a given data set. The anomalies found are removed from the release cause baseline, facilitating an accurate baseline prediction, and removing false positives.


Smartly plan network capacity

Our AI-driven assurance can use anomaly detection for more use cases after generating baselines in different network performance and service quality areas. The most common is predictive analytics. As the solution already knows how to generate the right forecast in the short-term (for example, the release cause KPI), it’s also possible to create a long-term forecast for various performance and quality indicators and use it to plan future network capacity smartly.


Improve the customer experience

With more and more network traffic being encrypted, operators face the challenge of understanding the customer’s Quality of Experience (QoE). By utilizing AI, ML, and heuristic modeling, our AI-driven assurance can shine a light into the darkness and provide insights into the customer experience for multiple use cases.


Real-Time, Streaming Analytics for Closed-Loop Automation

RADCOM Network Insights offers you customer and service insights with real-time streaming analytics for a closed-loop approach in order to:

Streaming analytics for proactive assurance:

  • Alarm generation to external BSS/OSS/NFVO systems
  • Ad-hoc generation of new flows such as alarms
  • Mediation of external data sources to the message bus
  • Process flow automation using an easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Publish to a queue (Kafka, JMS, AMQP)
  • Call a Rest API
  • Report to Syslog

Deliver periodic data for upstreaming processing:

  • Write to an SQL or HBase database (as described above)
  • Write to file (CSV, JSON)
  • Additional reporting via the BI-layer



  • Proactively optimize service quality
  • Lower OPEX
  • Automate network operations


Provide Batch Data for Detailed Analysis & Network Optimization

Covering a wide range of use cases from roaming, video optimization, data monetization and churn prevention, RADCOM Network Insights provides customer and service insights for multiple departments across your organization such as engineering, customer care, Network Operators Center (NOC), Service Operations Center (SOC) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) to improve your customer experience and optimize your network performance.

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