RADCOM Network Visibility

Advanced load-balancing and packet brokering | RADCOM Network Visibility

RADCOM Network Visibility is a dynamic, next-generation network packet brokering solution for telecom operators to collect, process, and distribute traffic across multiple domains (physical and virtual) for NFV and 5G networks.

Centrally managed via an easy-to-use, drag and drop web UI to manage all functionality across multiple clouds with a click of the mouse. RADCOM Network Visibility is deployed as a Cloud Network Function (CNF) and orchestrated by NFVO platforms such as ONAP, OSM, and more.

Each packet broker instance can be grouped and tagged so thousands of packet brokers can be easily managed at scale and reconfigured in minutes. Furthermore, being cloud-native, RADCOM Network Visibility can be launched and scaled up and out on-demand to meet the challenges of collecting and distributing traffic in high-capacity networks.


Key Features:

  • Cloud-native offering deployed as a VNF that is spun up and down in minutes
  • High performance using DPDK-based implementation and packet fetching from vNIC
  • Highly scalable with up to 20k filters evaluated simultaneously
  • Smart, session-aware load balancing and advanced filtering (by app/service, DPI-based)
  • Centrally managed and configured using a friendly web UI for drag and drop control
  • Flow analysis for network troubleshooting using IPFIX Compatible with NFVI/VIM platforms (such as OpenStack, VMware, and others) Orchestrated by NFV MANO platforms such as ONAP, OSM, and more
  • Advanced packet broker functionality such as; aggregation, header stripping, deduplication, data masking, packet slicing, time stamping, capture to disk, de-fragmentation
  • Supports a 5G-ready cloud with integration into vMME, vGW, vDRA, and vIMS


  • Manage, scale, and load balance the network traffic intelligently and efficiently
  • Gain 100% visibility of all traffic
  • Smartly distribute traffic between the assurance probes without having to duplicate traffic.

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