RADCOM Service Assurance

RADCOM Service Assurance provides you with a smart, end-to-end monitoring solution that captures, correlates, and processes all the data and passes it up to the RADCOM Network Insights layer. The solution efficiently collects data from multiple sources and correlates it to deliver real-time insights into network performance from the RAN to the core. Using this network intelligence, operators understand the customer and service experience and identify which issues in the network need to be prioritized.

RADCOM Service Assurance enables you to gain full network visibility across multiple network domains (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G) and cloud environments (public, private, and hybrid). While at the same time minimizing network operational and capital expenses, delivering low-level tools to help resolve network degradations, and assist operators to ensure superior customer experience and optimize service quality.

With built-in AI, machine learning, and heuristic modeling, our assurance solution proactively and predictively monitors and troubleshoots the network with automated root-cause analysis, anomaly detection, and insights into encrypted traffic


  • AI-driven for a proactive approach to ensuring network quality
  • Automated with Kubernetes controlling the containerized assurance components lifecycle
  • Cloud-native with high real-time performance, elastic scalability, and resilience with stateless and lightweight functions
  • Future-proof with support for 5G SA and NSA
  • Real-time streaming analytics for automated real-time network intelligence streamed to your orchestration solution 

RADCOM Service Assurance internal component: RADCOM I.C.O.N

Our patented, container-based component intelligently consolidates the capture, processing, indexing, correlation, and storage of multiple network event types and event data records (EDRs) from 4G and 5G networks. The data’s output can be sent in numerous formats (such as Kafka, TCP, REST, file, email). Our solution captures data close to the source and seamlessly integrates it within your cloud environment.

RADCOM I.C.O.N. is based on an open-source Apache Flink framework and streaming architecture and its technology is comprised of interchangeable microservices that can be easily updated or swapped out. Furthermore, this architecture is machine learning-friendly,  and orchestration is managed by Kubernetes (K8s) and an Open API allows RADCOM I.C.O.N to be queried/subscribed to actionable feedback that drives automation.

Probe-based Assurance:

RADCOM Containerized Probes (cProbes) provide a solution for packet monitoring in 5G and 4G networks.

To ensure the end-to-end customer experience and enable advanced troubleshooting capabilities from the macro to micro-level. Probe-based assurance is key to gaining real-time subscriber, and service analysis that provides an understanding of the customer experience gives insights into the end-to-end service quality and is essential for troubleshooting new

RADCOMize your service assurance solution

  • Attain complete end-to-end network visibility across private, public, and hybrid networks
  • Ensure 5G transformation success by delivering network visibility from day one
  • Understand real-time network performance and the end-to-end customer experience
  • Assure your end-to-end services with the most advanced cloud-native solution in the network 
  • Implement best development practices such as CI/CD for integrating cloud-native assurance into your cloud environment
  • Future-proof your assurance solution with 5G readiness from day one

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