RADCOM ACE: Cloud-Native Assurance; Automated, Scalable, 5G-Ready

RADCOM ACE provides operators with automated, AI-driven assurance for 4G and 5G in public, hybrid and private clouds. RADCOM ACE is fully containerized and composed of multiple Cloud-Native Functions (CNFs) integrated into leading orchestrators and Cloud Infrastructure Managers (CIMs).


It captures data through Containerized Probes (cProbes) for packet monitoring in the cloud for 5G and 4G. RADCOM I.C.O.N is deployed to capture, process, index, correlate, store network events and Event Data Records (EDRs). For more information on cProbes and RADCOM I.C.O.N, click here.

Our solution supports KVM hypervisor, OpenStack VMWare, and Kubernetes (K8s) to control the containerized components lifecycle starting from the initial day-0 instantiation and throughout the platform lifecycle. RADCOM can use its own VNF Manager (RADCOM VNFM) or use a generic VNF Manager like Tacker OpenStack. The following cloud principles are adhered to throughout the solution.


Automated Assurance

Automation is supported at multiple levels, such as using Terraform for infrastructure creation and automation, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for automating the deployment process with tools such as Jenkins. Automation is also used during the process of integration and testing to verify capabilities such as solution rollback.


RADCOM ACE can be controlled automatically based on a load of specific components in the deployment. Scale-up/down is handled without impact on the availability of the system.
In 5G, RADCOM ACE utilizes auto-instantiation mechanisms, auto-scaling, and re-balancing according to required trace policies and to 5G NF service discovery.
Monitoring and logging of all system components are performed for interfacing to the orchestrator to report system health. This provides a closed-loop solution for system availability so that system health issues can be resolved automatically.


Containerized Assurance

As a cloud-native solution, it can be instantiated on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for bare metal or VMs, or both. In both cases, the internal design is a containerized solution based on Kubernetes that can be provided internally or by the Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach. Being fully containerized, RADCOM’s solution is stateless, has a low footprint and consumes minimal resources, is easy to deploy on-demand, scalable, and offers high performance. RADCOM’s solution benefits from a store state functionality. It, therefore, delivers high availability and reliability, recovering state in midstream so that data analysis is constant and network issues are detected in real-time.


Open Architecture

Openness is one of the main pillars of the RADCOM ACE architecture. This is achieved with the following principles:

  • Supports an API layer that exposes all RADCOM ACE functionality
  • Uses industry-standard formats to represent data and query format (Data as a Service – DaaS)
  • Enables direct database access through publishing database schema and documentation for all SQL & No-SQL databases
  • Leverages open source technologies



Each cloud environment utilizes different tools for deployment and management and other packages available as a service. RADCOM ACE uses open, standards-based interfaces to enable deployment across multiple cloud environments to be cost-effective and cloud-efficient.

By exposing a unified API to the control layer, each RADCOM ACE cluster can scale in/out independently. At the same time, resource management is executed at a central location. This enables decisions on resource allocations to be made in a common layer while handling the scale in/out actions and load distribution within the cluster’s realm. Data is exposed with a REST API to the service layer, UI, and application layer. It can leverage standard services to scale, such as web load balancers, security services for HTTPS-based access, and more.


RADCOM ACE ensures 4G and 5G service quality in public, private, and hybrid cloud. Providing you with an automated assurance that correlates data from multiple sources, seamlessly integrates into your cloud environment, and delivers advanced end-to-end subscriber analytics and troubleshooting capabilities.

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