IOT Service Intelligence

Cellular IoT can be grouped into four sets of requirements:

Massive IoT

Critical IoT

Broadband IoT​

Industrial IoT​

Each group addresses multiple use cases in multiple industries.

RADCOM ACE uses built-in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically monitor all these use cases to ensure operators deliver quality IoT services to their customers.

Providing operators with a comprehensive IoT Service Assurance solution, RADCOM ACE offers a range of capabilities that help alleviate the challenges of deploying IoT and ensures that the operators’ customers receive IoT services that meet stringent SLAs.

RADCOM ACE solution benefits:

  • Displays real-time intelligence on the behavior of the network and optimizing performance
  • Delivering automatic anomaly detection for connectivity assurance, network performance and security
  • Automated cell level geolocation tracking and assists in location analysis and location-related faults
  • Drills down to a specific device, pinpointing the root cause of any network issue.
  • Ensures smooth connectivity, and maintaining SLAs
  • Uses AI/ML to identify changes in mass behavior
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