RADCOM Network Intelligence provides operators with a comprehensive IoT Service Assurance solution with a range of capabilities that help alleviate the challenges of deploying IoT and ensure that the operators’ customers receive IoT services that meet stringent SLAs. From assuring the service connectivity, optimizing network performance, monitoring security, to delivering automatic anomaly detection for both connectivity assurance and security.


RADCOM Network Insights displays real-time intelligence on the behavior of the network, highlighting any issues in connectivity as well as device and network performance. The operator can then drill down to a specific device, pinpointing the root cause of any network issue, ensuring smooth connectivity and maintaining SLA’s. As well as network/device performance and connectivity, RADCOM’s solution provides the geolocation of devices. This is important as specific devices are expected to be static, and so if they move, this means there could be an issue that requires the operators’ attention.


RADCOM correlates all of the different IoT data paths (through the MME via the SCEF, through the MME via the SGW and through UTRAN via the SGW)

RADCOM supports the correlation between the S11-U and the S11 control plane and the protocols and interfaces that include user plane captured in the control plane, diameter interfaces, and the S1-MME messages and encapsulation options for sending data over NAS. Often, smartly monitoring the IoT traffic around the MME can provide the majority of the required information for operators from a single monitoring point. However, RADCOM also tracks and correlates IoT traffic that goes through different paths through the network such as via the SGW/PGW and the SMSC.

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