Service assurance for inbound and outbound roaming | RADCOM ACE

Operators have the potential to generate significant revenues from customers roaming both in and out of their network. By aggregating both control and user plane information for all subscribers the operator is able to detect connectivity issues for both inbound and outbound roamers. This data can then be leveraged to improve the roaming service delivered to the subscriber as well as increase these pockets of revenue.

Key features:

  • Smartly monitor roaming KQI’s and generate alarms if they drop below a certain quality threshold
  • Retrieve the cause of a failed connection
  • Highlight the information clearly in an intuitive dashboard
  • Advise if the subscriber is a VIP  

Key roaming insights provided to you:

  • Service quality indicators
  • Quality distribution
  • End cause distribution
  • Top parameters
  • Procedure distribution
  • Session details
  • Subscriber details


Next, best actions are suggested based on preconfigured rule sets and escalated as appropriate, to the network troubleshooting team

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