Video Analysis

Video assurance | RADCOM ACE

RADCOM ACE utilizes AI capabilities and cutting-edge ML and heuristic modeling to understand the perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) for encrypted HTTPS and QUIC based video streaming such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Prime, and regional specific services (like Iflix and Viu).

With these insights, operators can gain visibility across encrypted networks and understand the QoE across their network, which is critical. Different regions are affected in different ways, and traffic usage varies. The data provided by RADCOM’s solutions enable the operator to understand whether video streaming is a high enough quality that can be consumed and enjoyed by customers while not overburdening the network.


Benefits to you:

Understand the Quality of Experience (QoE) for video streaming services

Improve the customer experience

Gain visibility into encrypted traffic 

Pinpoint network degradations for value-added video services

Some key quality indicators provided to operators: 

  • Minimum time to play
  • Video rebuffering count and duration
  • Video resolution duration
  • Video duration and byte count
  • Effective throughput
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