Operators can leverage the wealth of data created on their networks to reduce costs and deliver value-added services to third-party companies through insights generated by AI-powered assurance.


  • Billboard placement
  • Real-time location-based targeting
  • Personalized content


  • Branch location planning
  • Product cross-sell/upsell
  • Fraudulent transaction detection


  • Site planning
  • Smart city planning
  • Services provisioning
  • Traffic planning
  • Security survellience

Real Estate

  • Site planning
  • Assessing property value
  • Pricing, marketing, and sales decisions (estate agents and brokers


  • Retail site planning
  • Customer movement insight products
  • Real-time location-based marketin


  • Public transport planning
  • Real-time location-based targeting
  • Personalized marketing


  • Route planning and analysis
  • Real-time traffic routing
  • Profile-based dynamic pricing


  • Infrastructure planning
  • Site and network planning
  • Smart metering control and management

Internal data monetization

Internal monetization reduces costs and improves operators’ operational efficiencies. For example, using the power of AA analytics, RADCOM ACE can help operators reduce RAN energy and costs while maintaining subscribers’ quality of experience.

RAN energy and cost savings

Radio access utilizes over 70% of the total network energy, so it’s a critical area that can be dynamically operated to save both costs to the operator and reduce energy consumption to help the environment and sustainability.

RADCOM ACE uses AI/ML to set a power-saving policy for every site accurately. Then, constantly monitors the RAN and service quality to ensure services suffer no degradation, driving down costs, saving energy, and ensuring that customer services are maintained to the highest standards.

External data monetization

External monetization leverages data insights to deliver value-added services to third-party entities. For example, RADCOM’s mobility experience analytics can help operators make better data-driven utility decisions.


The utility industry is amid a transformation to become more digitalized and decarbonized, disrupting how end-users generate, transmit, and consume utilities, using data to drive change.

RADCOM was asked to help an operator in Germany apply its data to find the most optimal sites and prioritize sites that would be upgraded to EV charging sites.

RADCOM solutions were used to help plan electric car infrastructure.

Automated assurance and AI/ML-powered analytics are critical enablers for operators to unlock the gold hidden in the network and help operators compete in an increasingly competitive market.

RADCOM helps operators understand what is happening within their networks and provides efficient ways to monetize your data for internal and external uses. This, combined with robust APIs, operators will be able to leverage and create new business models, services, and and drive network automation.

Learn how to leverage data analytics to reduce costs and generate revenue through insights generated by AI-powered assurance.

From FWA planning, saving energy, and smart cities, this webinar covers use cases to help operators increase revenue and reduce costs.

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