Network packet brokers

Network packet brokers (NPBs) enable telecom operators to access and analyze traffic across a network by acting as ‘brokers’ of network traffic. NPBs collect traffic, filter it, and distribute each individual packet to a monitoring or security solution. They also perform load balancing, which takes traffic and dynamically distributes it to multiple probes or tools.​

Next-generation packet brokers

Gain complete visibility into your network with cloud-native network tapping, intelligent filtering, and advanced packet brokers for virtualized and container-based networks. With advanced network packet brokers and tapping, you can:

  • Automate, host-based, and pod-based tapping with a cTap
  • Load balance network traffic
  • Reduce traffic at the source
  • Enable intelligent traffic distribution, filtering, and aggregation,
  • Perform header stripping, deduplication, data masking, packet slicing, time stamping, capture to disk, de-fragmentation
  • Manage traffic across multiple clouds and domains.
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