Delivering a superior 5G customer experience with containerized, probe-based assurance

The foundation for success in 5G is maintaining a focus on the customer experience and rapidly troubleshooting subscriber-affecting network degradations. To do this, operators need to complement data from network events and counters with probe-based data.

This enables operators to understand the end-to-end service quality, including real-time subscriber analytics, and offers advanced troubleshooting capabilities for quick root cause analysis of network degradations down to the packet-level.

Using probes, the operator can ensure the smooth launch of new 5G services and deliver on the promise of a superior customer experience.  

During this webinar, Tomer Ilan, Senior Director of Product Management, will present:

  • The importance of containerized, fully virtualized probes for 5G assurance
  • The need to compliment packet-based data with network events from multiple sources
  • The role of the Network Data Analytics Function to collect and expose analytics data
  • The necessity to deploy on-demand assurance with dynamic, smart sampling of traffic
  • The critical role that service assurance plays in fulfilling a closed-loop approach to assuring the network

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