How to Ensure 5G Network Slicing Quality with Automated Assurance and NWDAF

5G is set to transform society as we know it, changing the way we communicate and live. Its core network is designed to provide innovative capabilities, catering to everyone from smartphones to robots and advancing mobile technology for years to come. As a key capability of 5G, network slicing enables operators to take the network and divide it up into virtual slices that all run on a common physical infrastructure. This allows operators to tailor the 5G network based on specific customers’ use cases.

In this webinar we will outline the approach operators should adopt to guarantee service quality and SLAs at a per-slice level, by using an enhanced NWDAF assurance solution. When integrated into the network, network slicing will enable operators to launch and manage a smarter and adaptive 5G network.

Tomer Ilan, Senior Director of Product Management at RADCOM, will present: How to deliver closed-loop automation with NWDAF?

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