Superior customer experience for mobile & fixed services

COVID-19 has led to a surge in network traffic with user trends shifting from mobile to fixed-line communication, as more people are working, studying, and connecting with others remotely. That means it’s critical for operators to monitor the customer experience across all services to pinpoint service degradations, gain real-time end-to-end subscriber analytics, and optimize the network performance to deliver high-quality services and build brand loyalty.

In this webinar we will outline the approach operators should adopt to ensure their customers’ quality of experience, starting with adopting a probe-based assurance solution that provides real-time subscriber and services analysis for both fixed and mobile services. Based on AI/ML capabilities, we will show how this intelligent solution also provides operators with customer-focused insights into value-added services like video streaming and Over-The-Top (OTT) application usage delivered using encrypted traffic. 

During this webinar, Dror Ruvenpour, PreSales Director, will present:  

  • How service assurance drastically improves your 4G and 5G services
  • Why AI and machine learning are critical to enhancing video streaming services
  • Understand service quality at a per-service (QoS) and per-user (QoE) level
  • How smartly monitoring customer experience KPIs boosts fixed service quality
  • Ways to proactively focus on top-priority customer-affecting degradations.

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