The past, present, and future of fixed broadband (FBB)

A fixed broadband (FBB) connection is considered an essential utility in any household. With COVID-19 forcing us to be more at home, we are increasingly reliant on a stable internet connection.

Operators need to understand what are the essential requirements for delivering end-to-end network visibility for fixed broadband traffic, and how service assurance is necessary for delivering critical insights into usage trends and customer experience.

Yuri Hutyakove, Pre Sales Manager at RADCOM will present in Russian: 

  • The evolution of services and the current landscape of FBB
  • How using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential for delivering intelligent insights, customer experience and network troubleshooting including:
    • Customer Experience Insights (CEI)
    • Service Quality Management (SQM)
    • Churn analysis
  • How smart monitoring and the use of AI and machine learning help deliver insights into encrypted traffic
  • How the introduction of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will change the landscape for FBB

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