Automated AI-driven assurance for 3G, 4G, and 5G | RADCOM ACE

RADCOM ACE is an automated assurance platform for 5G networks (NSA and SA) as well as 3G and 4G networks. RADCOM ACE uses streaming analytics to deliver automated real-time network intelligence given to your BSS/OSS/NFVO solution to detect, analyze, and resolve issues automatically. RADCOM ACE also provides end-to-end network troubleshooting from the KPI level down to the session/packet level, critical for real-time subscriber analytics and advanced network troubleshooting.

RADCOM Solution Architecture

Correlating various data sources (network events, event detail records (EDRs), and packets) from the RAN to the core, RADCOM ACE delivers Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven insights and automated root cause analysis.

Proactively ensuring the customer experience and service quality with a range of telecom specific AI-driven use cases. Reducing noise and bringing into focus the critical issues enabling engineers to work smarter and focus on core business objectives for 3G/4G/5G. Built with microservices-based components enables the solution to be distributed, cloud-efficient, and dynamic.


Automated Assurance | RADCOM ACE

RADCOM ACE is a fully automated assurance platform that consists of RADCOM Service Assurance, and RADCOM Network Insights, driven by AI. The entire platform is truly cloud-native, meaning that it can be deployed on cloud infrastructure, bare metal, or both. This cloud-native design enables RADCOM to deliver containerized, stateless, and cloud-agnostic solutions for dynamic automated assurance.


Advanced packet brokering for cloud-native networks | RADCOM Network Visibility 

RADCOM Network Visibility can be delivered together with RADCOM ACE or as a standalone solution for an integrated cloud-native solution.

With advanced packet broker capabilities that ensure intelligent traffic distribution, smart load balancing, and intelligent sampling for full end-to-end visibility across the network. RADCOM provides automating orchestrating and on-demand cloud-native Network Visibility (with ingress load balancing). RADCOM Network Visibility helps to distribute network traffic from multiple cloud environments to service assurance probes, security tools, and other systems.

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