Network Analysis

Smartly monitor and optimize 4G and 5G networks | RADCOM Network Analytics

RADCOM’s solution has an intuitive UI built for monitoring dynamic next-generation networks that can be changed on-demand and are built for collaboration between engineers across multiple departments. Being web-based, there is no need to install a client. It runs on Windows, UNIX, and Linux is blistering fast, and supports multiple users out of the box while offering complete administrative control with security and user content privacy.

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Key features and capabilities:

  • Multi-technology, multi-dimension KPI dashboard
    • Drag and drop dashlets to dashboard interface
    • Ability to define grouping and filtering rules for each dashlet
  • Numerous dashlet types (such as predefined KPIs, user-defined KPIs, per element and overtime, release cause distribution over time, unique IMSI)
  • Enable data-driven dynamic notifications with baselining
  • Easily share dashboards with colleagues
  • Export to PDF, Excel, PNG

KPIs are displayed in dashboards that can be re-configured on the fly and exported in a variety of formats. Additionally, from RADCOM’s Network Analytics solution, users can quickly drill down to RADCOM Session Analyzer and RADCOM Packet Analyzer to root-cause issues rapidly.

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