Automated Root Core Analysis (RCA)​

Enables operators to analyze network faults efficiently and cost-effectively, utilizing the power of automation and AI/ML. Automated, efficient root cause analysis (RCA) prevents potential service degradations impacting customers. The solution performs anomaly detection to expedite issue resolution while saving costs and improving network teams’ efficiencies. 

Automated root cause analysis


  • Adopt AI/ML-driven anomaly detection to detect and resolve issues quickly
  • Prioritize issues that impact the customer experience
  • Reduce costs and time through telco-focused AI-driven analytics
  • Accelerate repetitive and well-defined operational workflows (like RAN processes) using AI/ML
  • Gain end-to-end multi-domain visibility into the network
  • Analytics is based on data from CDRs, counters, KPIs, and PCAP files

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