5G network analysis monitors KPI trends and drills down for 5G troubleshooting. Offers a series of network KPIs that reflect performance across all domains, including mobile, fixed IMS, VoLTE, VoWiFi, and OTT.

Smartly monitor KPI trends across all your services

KPIs are displayed in dashboards that can be re-configured on the fly and exported in various formats, with each user able to customize his dashboards. using a drag-and-drop interface and the built-in KPI and dashlet editor.

  • Predefined and user-defined KPIs
  • KPI per element and overtime
  • Supports multi-technologies (5G, 4G, and 3G)
  • Drill to perform session and packet analysis

Easy to deploy and collaborate

for easy access

Runs on any platform Windows, UNIX, or Linux.

Supports multiple users and team collaboration

Offer interoperability between the different applications (network, session, and packet analysis), allowing seamless drill-downs from one application to another and the sharing of files stored securely on the cloud.  



  • Smartly monitor your end-to-end network quality 
  • Built-in predefined KPIs, as well as user defined KPIs 
  • Gain data-driven dynamic notifications with baselining 
  • Easily share dashboards with team members 


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