Route analysis​

Route analysis monitors the customer experience across all highways and railways 24/7 to benchmark service quality on transportation routes. The solution prioritizes investments and optimizations and enhances the mobility experience across your network nationwide.  

Route analysis​


  • Transform network operations by spending less on legacy drive tests and moving to digital
  • Attain visibility into nationwide service quality vs. traditional drive tests that cover less than 10% of roads
  • Grade precise travel routes from discrete road segments to nationwide highways
  • Gain up-to-date customer experience heatmaps to ensure superior‑quality connectivity across all routes
  • Optimize 5G coverage based on actual demand according to usage patterns and subscriber profiles

Further info:

  • Read our solution brief to learn about improving your customers’ mobility experience​
  • Watch the video on our complete mobility experience insights
  • Watch the webinar on gaining comprehensive insights into the mobility experience
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