Session Analysis

Session and trace analysis for 4G and 5G networks | RADCOM Session Analyzer

RADCOM’s Session Analyzer is a next-generation, session-based call tracing solution used for detailed network analysis. Users can apply any combination of flexible filters to see an end-to-end correlated view of the subscriber or network sessions for root cause analysis and quick resolution of issues.

Session analysis can be performed in real-time and on historical data covering each subscriber’s interactions with the network.

Benefits to you:  

  • Trace end-user calls or data sessions to facilitate customer support
  • Resolve complex network and subscriber issues
  • Correlate full voice and data sessions in real-time for an end-to-end service view
  • Reduce time to resolution by using advanced filtering for root-cause analysis
  • Run rule base correlation
  • Record voice calls for lawful interception or quality testing
  • Improve VoLTE/VoWiFi call quality 
  • Save data as PCAP/HTML/XSIF for detailed analysis of control and user plane traffic
  • Drill down to the packet level for further root-cause analysis.
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