Closed-loop NWDAF​

A closed-loop NWDAF solution is 3GPP-compliant and provides multiple use cases such as automated assurance, network optimization, and monetization. It is fully containerized and deployed as an NF inside the 5GC, integrated with NRF and other 5GC NFs via SBI.


  • Adopt unique use cases like paging optimization, signaling storm mitigation, IoT anomaly detection
  • Drive use cases like real-time streaming analytics with a field-proven telco-focused AI/ML engine
  • Gain NWDAF and MDAF functionally that can be co-located in the same instance
  • Implement NWDAF proxy/Centralized NWDAF BE architecture, ideal for large networks with multiple core sites and for private networks
  • Run additional use cases and interfaces above and beyond the 3GPP spec and frameworks

Further info:

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