Customer Experience

Obtain a 360-degree view of the customer experience in one unified solution for multiple stakeholders. Understand the number of impacted subscribers to prioritize issues and gain insights into anomalies using advanced AI/ML to resolve issues quickly and ensure team efficiency.

Our customer experience solutions let you gain deep insights into service and application usage trends, detect potential churners, and understand the real customer experience. With these insights, you can enhance your customer experience strategy, increase loyalty, upsell, and cross-sell services, and ensure great customer experiences for your subscribers.


  • Customer-focused view into services with customer experience indexes 
  • Anomaly detection powered by AI/ML to quickly resolve issues
  • Improve first-call resolution for customer care   
  • Prevent network degradations and fraud with mobile device insights
  • Ensure SLAs for VIP subscribers
  • For mobile (4G, 5G SA, 5G NSA), fixed, CS/SS7, IMS

Further info:

  • Watch our on-demand webinar on automating anomaly detection to improve the customer experience
  • Read our white paper on customer experience in the 5G era​
  • Read our white paper on end-to-end assurance to gain critical insights into the use experience  
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