Revenue Generation​

Generate new revenue streams for internal and external monetization use cases. The solution can also enrich RAN and core data with an analysis of subscriber mobility and location-based data to drive additional monetization use cases.

Al-infused assurance can work in 5G to take network operations to the next level and enable real business value for operators and their customers (subscribers and enterprises), creating new services and use cases. This covers a wide range of solutions, from utilizing data to improving operational efficiencies to profiling subscribers using anonymous data to gain insights into upsell opportunities.


  • Data monetization (external)
  • Enterprise monetization
  • IoT service assurance
  • Private network assurance (multi-tenant)
  • Subscriber profiling (internal) 

Further info:

  • Read our white paper on generating revenue streams with automated assurance
  • Learn how NWDAF can help generate revenues
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