RAN analysis

Gain critical insights into the 5G RAN/Open RAN performance that significantly impacts subscribers’ quality of experience and quality of service (QoS). Empower teams with a deep understanding of the RAN to proactively resolve issues and reduce their impact. Troubleshoot and optimize key performance issues such as latency, reliability, and signaling overhead.

RAN analysis


  • Real-time visibility into the RAN/Open RAN
  • Automated RCA classifies issues to save engineers mean time to resolution
  • Classification-based root cause analysis uses advanced AI/ML capabilities
  • Ensure quality for nationwide mobility services
  • Plan investments and optimization based on data-driven insights into quality and coverage
  • Validate new sites as they roll out to optimize in real-time
  • Combine​ with core analysis solution to correlate RAN and core data for end-to-end visibility 

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