Public Cloud

Operators are leveraging the public cloud to roll out 5G with lower latency, scalability, and automation. RADCOM offers a completely containerized solution and field-proven expertise at operators like AT&T, Rakuten, and DISH for large-scale assurance implementations in the cloud.  


Microservices-based architecture

Enables scaling, updating, or even the complete replacement of each component and offers real-time performance and elastic scalability. 

Fully automated

Supported at multiple levels of the solution, such as using Terraform for infrastructure, elastic scalability occurs without impacting the system availability. The solution also utilizes mechanisms for auto-instantiation, auto-scaling, and re-balancing according to required trace policies and to 5G NF service discovery. 

Managed by any Kubernetes flavor (K8s)

Controls the containerized assurance components lifecycle starting from instantiation and throughout the platform lifecycle (scaling in/out, updates, etc.). 

Continuous delivery with a full CI/CD pipeline

On average, 80% reduction of cloud-native function (CNF) deployment and updates when compared with traditional models (days to minutes) 

Continuous delivery with a full CI CD pipeline
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