Voice remains a vital service for telecom operators to offer their customers. With IMS being mandatory for transitioning to 5G voice, the long-term path for voice services is clear. RADCOM provides a solution ensuring customers receive quality voice services for VoLTE and VoNR.

Comprehensive service assurance for VoLTE and VoNR

Automated assurance provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to ensure a better customer experience when using voice services. Offering complete visibility into VoLTE and VoNR services, pinpointing real-time issues, rectifying service quality problems, and monitoring the entire call flow from the RAN to Core. 

The solution addresses specific problems that operators face when assuring VoLTE and VoNR services, including detecting and resolving one-way audio issues, setup delays, mute calls, mobility issues, circuit-switch fallback (CSFB) issues, and user device issues. From engineering tools to cell analysis and voice service dashboards for the NOC/SOC, we enable you to keep a finger on the voice service pulse. 

Automated RCA with AI/ML-powered analytics

Adopt a more automated and efficient approach to voice service optimization using AI-powered analytics to detect VoLTE/VoNR anomalies that save engineers time pinpointing service degradations and proactively improve the customer experience. 


customer experience assurance

Proactively improve voice quality with AI-driven anomaly detection

5g network automation

Correlated RAN and core call tracing


Focus on the customer experience

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