Probe-based assurance for real-time subscriber analytics

For 5G, operators must gain a service-level awareness and understand the customer experience through their subscribers’ eyes. For example, is the subscriber trying to watch streaming video on a device that recently had its firmware updated and is now suffering from repeated buffering? In this case, monitoring the resource and network layer is not enough. To understand why the video is not streaming adequately, we need to see the end-to-end service layer.

Operators can do this by integrating a probe layer into their assurance strategy that allows them to understand the end-to-end service quality, includes real-time subscriber analytics, and provides troubleshooting tools. End-to-end, containerized probing enables the operator to;

  • Enrich network analytics with real-time subscriber analytics to understand the end-to-end service quality and troubleshoot network degradations
  • Integrate service assurance with network orchestration to drive closed-loop automation
  • Deploy automated assurance that is containerized and controlled by Kubernetes to deploy and scale as part of the service lifecycle


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