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4G & 5G Network

Automated service assurance with AI-driven insights and E2E troubleshooting to ensure YOU deliver a superior customer experience

RADCOM is the leading expert in cloud-native service assurance solutions for 4G and 5G telecom operators. We deliver real-time network analysis, troubleshooting, and AI-driven insights to an optimized network performance from the edge to the core. As operators roll out their 5G networks, we make sure that the services offered meet a pre-defined service quality level for an optimal subscriber experience. 

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Automated instantiation, scaling, healing, and updating for a closed-loop approach to assurance with Kubernetes
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Built using a microservices architecture for scaling, updating without downtime
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Decoupled from hardware dependencies and cloud-agnostic so can be deployed on private, public and hybrid clouds
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Fully supports CUPS, ensuring full control plane, and user plane correlation
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Supports standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) 5G
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CI/CD development for rapid deployment of change requests and product customization

Delivering dynamic service assurance for an accelerated digital transformation


Cutting-edge monitoring and analytics tools, utilizing AI and machine learning insights


Real-time subscriber insights and advanced troubleshooting capabilities


Fully containerized solutions with a microservice-based architecture for efficient scaling


Deployed on public, private, and hybrid cloud


Disruptive, risk-free commercial pricing model, with OPEX and CAPEX savings from day one



Stay tuned. Our latest news.


RADCOM Launches Cloud-Native, Automated 5G Assurance on Amazon Web Services.


Enabling real-time subscriber analytics for edge deployments on Amazon EKS-A. 


Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to optimize 5G network slicing with automated assurance.

Our Customers

The world’s largest telecommunications operators use our service assurance solution

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