Virtual Drive Testing

Simulates physical drive tests multiple customer experience use cases, resulting in dramatic cost savings.

New 5G site validation

Key insights:​

  • See experience and performance KPIs before, during, and after deployment of a new 5G site
  • Carry out more testing for more data points – peak and off-peak hours, every day
  • Transitions from adjacent and remote cells
  • Post-deployment customer impact analysis
flywheel energy storage vs battery

On-route customer complaint

energy storage for ev charging

Key insights:​

  • Validate a complaint against thousands of actual drives commuting along the same route at the same time
  • Identify the most impacting cells, provide RCA and optimization recommendations
  • Schedule a VDT re-run to validate the improvement
  • Test performance across multiple device types

Grid experience analytics

Key insights:​​

  • Enhance marketing and sales campaigns with region experience attributes
  • Analyze experience per day of week and time of day across multiple KQIs
  • Correlate subscriber experience (mobility and stationery) with affecting cells
  • Identify the best physical drive test time in support of regulatory requirements
flywheel technology for ev

Tangible and quantifiable gains

Get a quantifiable estimation of both savings and additional capabilities and benefits.


sustainable power booster

Efficient and effective 5G rollouts  

flywheel technology for ev

Greater visibility for mobile network performance and customer experience  

flywheel energy storage vs battery

Increased effectiveness of remaining, often mandatory drive tests  

energy storage for ev charging

Cost saving – reduction of physical drive tests for both in-house and outsourced operating models  

energy storage system

Environmental responsibility – going green with CO2 emission reduction  

sustainable power booster

Flexible business models – also available as a service on all leading cloud platforms

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