Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) enables fixed broadband access using mobile networks and radio frequencies instead of cables. It extends network coverage areas, increases service levels in rural areas, and connects homes and businesses to broadband services.

FWA is gaining momentum, with 5G enhancing speeds and performance to match fixed broadband. However, operators must ensure their subscribers receive the enhanced quality services they expect from fixed broadband services instead of the “best effort” typical for mobile services.

An automated assurance solution provides insights, analysis, and AI/ML-based capabilities into FWA services and can quickly pinpoint where there are customer-affecting degradations, whether it’s in the core, RAN, or home.

Automated assurance benefits:

Gain full FWA service visibility from network to home

Improve quality with
AI-driven anomaly detection

Automated root
cause analysis

Improve First Call Resolution (FCR) to Customer Care

Ensure SLA adherence with
AI-powered insights

Understand usage trends and upsell premium packages

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