Subscribers expect a good quality of experience wherever they go, whether at home or on the move. Mobility experience analytics ensures customer expectations are met wherever they go, boosting customer satisfaction.

Virtual drive testing

Virtual drive testing provides mobility experience insights and optimization to network quality teams. When combined with physical drives, VDT delivers a significant cost benefit to in-house test car fleets and reduces outsourced efforts by removing the susceptibility of operational costs to surging fuel prices.

VDT offers clear technological advantages like real customer experience insights, high accuracy of location in mobility, and alignment with digital transformation strategies. It achieves all that using thousands of drives (impressions) in a single pass and performance measurements across multiple days.

Validate new 5G sites

With VDT, network teams conduct virtual tests before, during, and after deploying a new 5G site. Detailed analysis and optimization of experience in mobility, including transitions from adjacent and remote cells, make the solution unique for post-deployment customer impact analysis.

AI-Powered Insights

Journey Analytics analyzes, monitors, and optimizes the performance of the RAN, focusing on voice and data quality and subscribers’ experience in mobility. Advanced AI models determine which subscriber mobile services have been used while in mobility and accurately plot travel routes.

Insights are visualized on maps and made available as datasets for consumption by optimization systems.

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