RAN assurance challenges with the rollout of 5G mmWave

It has been estimated that over 70% of all service degradations experienced by subscribers are due to issues in the Radio Access Network (RAN). These degradations have a critical impact on the customer experience and can lead to a direct loss of revenue due to churn. This will be even more critical as 5G NR mmWave starts to rollout offering enhanced throughput with Line-of-Sight (LOS) coverage.

Therefore, it is critical operators smartly monitor the RAN as part of their end-to-end monitoring of the customer experience. Monitoring RAN will also be key to ensuring O-RAN performance as operators deploy different variants of virtualized RAN as greenfield networks or add to brownfield deployments.       

In this webinar, we will outline some strategies operators can adopt to monitoring their RAN as part of their end-to-end assurance solution for 4G and 5G.   

Ze’ev Ben David, RAN Expert – Product Innovation at RADCOM, will present:    

  • Millimeter wave and its challenges
  • Combining edge network and high-band spectrum
  • The importance of RAN analytics as part of an end-to-end assurance solution
  • Assurance empowered by AI and ML to drive efficient RAN to CORE network monitoring.

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