Rakuten Mobile and RADCOM Partner to Drive Network Automation and Closed-Loop Optimization for 5G

February 28, 2023

Telecom industry’s first Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) in production

TEL AVIV, Israel – February 28, 2023 – RADCOM Ltd. (Nasdaq: RDCM) announced today that it has partnered with Rakuten Mobile in Japan to deliver closed-loop automation using AI-powered 5G analytics that automatically analyzes the network and takes corrective actions to enhance the customer experience and prevent service degradations, revolutionizing operational workflows and driving towards achieving network autonomy. Our continued collaboration is part of a strong partnership driving operational and assurance innovation to deliver zero-touch, customer-centric network automation.

“5G network complexity has increased the need for automation and advanced AI-driven analytics,” said Sharad Sriwastawa, chief technology officer of Rakuten Mobile, Inc. “By deploying RADCOM’s innovative 5G analytics, we can automatically prevent a drop in service quality or connectivity issues to ensure our customers receive top-quality services, helping our transition to a more intent-based approach to network operations that automatically ensures a superior customer experience without needing manual intervention.”

“We are thrilled to be deploying this solution with Rakuten Mobile. This is the result of our close partnership as we innovate and build new use cases that revolutionize how networks run to save resources while ensuring great customer experiences,” added Rami Amit, chief technology officer of RADCOM. “By deploying this pilot solution, Rakuten benefits from a carrier-grade NWDAF to automatically ensure an unparalleled focus on service quality while saving costs and making operations more efficient.”

RADCOM NWDAF will be commercially available to telecom operators worldwide through the Rakuten Symphony Symworld™ marketplace. The innovative solution addresses the challenges of monitoring complex 5G networks and complies with Releases 16 and 17. It also offers additional use cases, such as RAN optimization. It integrates advanced AI/ML-based analytics and automates telco-specific workflows while providing a range of use cases, from simple and complex tasks to supporting zero-touch autonomous intent-based networking.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), RADCOM’s 5G Network Data Analytics Function (RADCOM NWDAF) enables Rakuten Mobile to automatically detect and prevent degradations in the customer experience for multiple use cases such as mitigating signaling storms, proactive O-RAN optimizations, and preemptive network traffic load optimization.


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