NWDAF and Assurance

The Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) is a new network function introduced as part of the 3GPP standards for the 5G core. Its purpose is for centralized data collection/analytics and is an evolution of the RAN Congestion Awareness Function (RCAF) from previous 3GPP releases.

Although this function is still in the “early stages” of standardization, it could become a more critical function for analytics in future iterations of the 5GC. The initial use case defined in Release 15 for the NWDAF is optimizing network slices. Thus, the Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF) and the Policy Control Function (PCF) are the first “consumers” of the NWDAF.

Going forward, more use cases will be defined by the 3GPP. By deploying containerized service assurance, the operator can implement an NWDAF into their 5G core and deploy service assurance that captures data from multiple sources to provide end-to-end network visibility for 5G.

To learn more about RADCOM’s NWDAF solution and containerized assurance, download our solution brochure.

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