5G core network poster

The 5G core moves away from traditional telecom-style protocol interfaces to allow functions to communicate with one another and share data using a distributed web services model (a standard API) alongside a Service-Based Architecture (SBA) and a Service-Based Interface (SBI) without specific network protocols.

Using a standard API enables the operator to expose its digital services and assets in a controlled way and is a universal concept used by modern software design, especially for web-services, and encompasses a wide range of use cases. The SBA will enable operators to break down traditional network silos and empower vertical markets to build upon the operators’ infrastructure with modular services that will seamlessly slot into place, turning the telco cloud into a service platform for other vendors. The new system architecture is specified in 3GPP technical specification 23.501.

To learn more about the new 5G Core (5GC) network, its Service-Based Architecture (SBA) with new network functions, their N reference points, and interfaces, please download our 5G poster.

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