Delivery quality VoLTE services

If operators want to deliver on the improved voice quality that VoLTE offers, they cannot do this alone. Degradations can occur at any point of the network at any time, so an operator needs an intelligent end-to-end monitoring system to provide the all-important full network visibility, which proactively highlights when degradations occur across the entire network.

An operator who has a complete view of the network will also be able to pinpoint which areas require more bandwidth. If there is a heavy concentration of traffic on one cell, a smart service assurance solution will detect this and trigger an alarm alerting the operator to consider optimizing the network, catching the issue before it becomes a problem.

If operators want to deliver the highest QoE to their customers, they must ensure that their VoLTE services are running smoothly. In a cloud-native environment, the only way to truly ensure this is with an automated service assurance solution that delivers end-to-end network visibility.


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