5G Release 17 poster

Release 17 enhances current 5G capabilities such as URLLC and the functionality of private networks, as well as providing many new NFs, interfaces, and more complexity to the recent evolution of 5G. As with every jump in technological advancement, network engineers must be able to monitor, troubleshoot Network functions and interfaces and ensure their network performance. RADCOM ACE, combined with RADCOM AIM, offers a fully cloud-native automated assurance solution to ensure that operators can quickly and easily understand what is happening within their networks, detect anomalies, and provides ways to optimize their operations and deliver to their end users the best quality of experience possible.

Release 17 defines 18 new NFs and several new interfaces, adding more complexity to the 5G Core. Call flows will be more complex than ever with a myriad of new procedures and messages that are potential failure points.

If you want to learn more about 5G Release 17, the new NFs and interfaces, please download our new poster for 5G Release 17. 

For a printed copy, please email us at marketing@radcom.com with your postal address.



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