Gain complete and efficient visibility into your telecom network with a patented solution for network tapping, intelligent filtering, and advanced packet brokers for virtualized and container-based networks. The solution can be deployed stand-alone or with RADCOM ACE.

No more blind spots

RADCOM VIA solves the critical challenges telecom operators face today when trying to gain visibility into the new container-based network functions in 5G.

Our solution offers:

sustainable power booster

Cloud-Native Network Tapping

Automate, intelligent host-based and pod-based tapping

Efficient Filtering and

Reduce traffic at source

Cutting-edge Network
Packet Brokers (NPB)

Gain advanced packet broker functionality

Our advanced packet brokers enable intelligent traffic distribution, filtering, aggregation, header stripping, deduplication, data masking, packet slicing, time stamping, capture to disk, de-fragmentation across multiple clouds and domains.  

Benefits include up to:


Reduction in network resources usage with intelligent filtering


More efficient tapping with host-based mirroring


Savings in engineering labor with tapping automation

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