Virtual Drive Tests

Physical drive tests can be costly, time-consuming, and limited in the insights they provide. Virtual drive tests enable operators to gain greater visibility into network quality issues and boost quality while reducing their reliance on physical drive tests, leading to cost savings of up to 30%.

Virtual drive tests continuously collect data from the network without requiring engineers in the field. They can accurately map a single call following the customer’s route, with network KPIs calculated for each point. This method presents a map highlighting specific user experience-related KPIs.

Overall, virtual drive testing is superior to improving network performance and customer satisfaction. It leverages actual network performance data, making it faster and more cost-effective than physical drive tests.

Additionally, because it uses real customer data, virtual drive testing better identifies critical network problems and provides more realistic insights into actual traffic patterns.

Use cases:

Validating 5G
cell site performance

Investigating subscribers’ complaints

Gaining insights into network performance vs. competitors

Achieving regulatory

Marketing insights for customer experience scores

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