5G Service Assurance

Ensure great 5G customer experiences and troubleshoot issues before they impact your business. Built-in AI/ML-powered analytics filter out the noise, provide automated insights, and drive network automation.

kinetic energy storage

Gain real-time subscriber analytics

Understand the customer experience and E2E troubleshooting

Smartly monitor your
5G network

From the lab to full commercial launch and ongoing rollouts

Fully containerized and automated

Automated lifecycle, efficient scaling, and high availability

Benefit from a complete CI/CD development pipeline

Rapid deployments of change requests and customizations

Achieve complete 5G network visibility

Covers multiple services, cloud agnostic and E2E (RAN to Core)

Proactively optimize your network

Uses AI/ML-powered analytics for automated real-time insights 

The leading automated assurance solution for 5G Standalone (SA)

RADCOM offers a field-proven automated assurance solution deployed as a cloud-native function (CNF) in a fully containerized solution controlled by any flavor of Kubernetes (K8s) on a public, private, and hybrid cloud. 

With advanced 5G assurance capabilities

Ensuring complex Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) correlation with our patented solution, new CUPS protocol decoding, and the Packet Forwarding Control Protocol.

With full CUPS support, operators gain real-time subscriber analytics at the network edge for advanced troubleshooting and network optimization of edge services.

Delivering cloud-native network visibility

Host-based and pod-based tapping and filtering using extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technology to provide efficient, scalable network visibility in large-scale telecom networks.

In addition, our advanced packet brokers enable intelligent traffic distribution, filtering, and load balancing across multiple clouds and domains.

Multiple 5G use cases

RADCOM enables revenue-generating use cases for 5G, such as revenue-generating services for enterprise customers, data monetization, and cost savings through end-to-end network optimization.


Automated 5G Assurance

Advanced 5G Network Optimization

Open RAN Optimization

Fixed Wireless Access Monitoring

Cloud Assurance

Network Slicing

Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Customer Experience for 5G

Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)

Key benefits:

Customer focus

Offers multiple teams the solutions to monitor the customer experience as 5G is rolled out

energy storage for ev charging

Lower OPEX and CAPEX

Adopt a more automated approach to assurance and save time and effort by proactively solving issues

Improved service quality

With automated AI-driven insights the network and service quality improve with less effort  

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