Customer Experience Assurance

Customer experience monitoring across all your mobile and fixed services proactively resolves degradations before they impact your business using AI/ML-driven insights. Build brand loyalty and increase revenues by delivering great customer experiences. 

Customer experience mockup
Customer Experience Assurance

Use Cases:


Customer Care

kinetic energy storage


Proactive Care

Deep Packet Inspection
and OTT

kinetic energy storage

Video Analysis


Focus on the customer experience

The key to any operator’s success is customer experience monitoring. If customers are not happy, then they go elsewhere. Operators must gain a service-level awareness and understand the customer experience through their subscribers’ eyes.

Real-time subscriber analytics

Automated assurance is key. Providing real-time subscriber analytics so you can manage the network with a focus on end-to-end customer experience, resolve issues proactively and adopt a more automated approach to network operations.

Smartly monitoring all services

Smartly monitoring Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all services, RADCOM’s solution correlates multiple data sources such as user and control plan probe data, network fault, performance data, call trace, CRM data, and more.

Using AI/ML for insights into encrypted traffic

By utilizing AI capabilities and cutting-edge ML and heuristic modeling, RADCOM’s solution enables operators to understand the quality of experience for multiple use cases, even when the data is encrypted.

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