Issues in the RAN cause significant service degradation, which can critically impact the customer experience. RAN monitoring, RAN optimization, and RAN analysis enable operators to improve coverage, optimize performance, and boost service quality.

Ensuring the performance of the Radio Access Network (RAN) across multi-technologies (5G/4G/3G) and multi-vendor networks is critical to ensure that the network provides the best coverage, capacity, and quality of service.

Operators must continually adjust and fine-tune network parameters to enhance the user experience by reducing dropped calls, improving data throughput, and ensuring consistent network availability across different geographic areas. By adopting automated assurance, operators can ensure the RAN performance.

Validate and optimize
new 5G radio sites

Correlate with core data to detect customer-affecting issues

Optimize coverage
and detect holes

Automated root
cause analysis

AI-driven RCA

Optimize low to high-band services and handovers

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