SOC and CEM are crucial to helping operators deliver a high-quality customer experience in 5G, moving from being reactive to proactive when handling service degradations. Bringing the customer experience into focus and enabling the operator to make customer-led decisions on top of engineering-led choices.

RADCOM Network Insights delivers a comprehensive SOC and CEM solution that enables operators to monitor the overall service quality and customer experience. With these insights, Operators can perform root-cause analysis and troubleshooting at both a high and granular level, with drill-down capabilities to the packet or subscriber level.

RADCOM Network Insights for SOC

For a comprehensive SOC solution, RADCOM Network Insights is correlated with BSS and OSS data enabling operators to monitor the overall service quality and rectify service degradations that impact subscribers from the RAN to the network core.

The SOC solution takes in numerous data sources from RADCOM Network Insights to OSS data (such as Performance Management, Fault Management, Trouble Ticketing Systems, Call Trace Records and Inventory), as well as BSS data (such as Billing and Customer Relationship Management – CRM). 

The data is then correlated via RADCOM Smart Mediation to calculate the KQI’s and KPI’s, triggering alarms when service quality drops below a certain threshold, or when there are anomalies in the data. Taking an end-to-end view of the network ensures that rapid action is taken when there is any degradation or outages which may affect the subscriber.


RADCOM Network Insights for CEM

For an end-to-end CEM solution, RADCOM Network Insights is correlated with BSS and OSS data to generate a Customer Experience Index (CEI), so operators can smartly monitor the entire customer experience journey with easy access to end-to-end troubleshooting, trend analysis as well as churn and Net Promoter Score (NPS) prediction.

By deploying an end-to-end CEM solution operators can improve customer retention, reduce OPEX, and differentiate their customer experience.  By correlating data from various touchpoints, the operator can truly understand the customer experience and troubleshoot the service performance to ensure the delivery of high-quality services to their subscribers.


RADCOM SOC and CEM solution enables operators to make customer-focused decision

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