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Network Data Analytics Function


NWDAF, defined in 3GPP TS 29.520, incorporates standard interfaces from the service-based architecture to collect data by subscription or request model from other network functions. This is to deliver an analytics function in the network for automation or reporting issues. 3GPP TR 23.791 lists the following formula-based/AI-ML analytics use cases for 5G using NWDAF:

  • Load-level computation and prediction for a network slice instance
  • Service experience computation and prediction for an application/UE group
  • Load analytics information and prediction for a specific NF
  • Network load performance computation and future load prediction
  • UE Expected behavior prediction
  • UE Abnormal behavior/anomaly detection
  • UE Mobility-related information and prediction
  • UE Communication pattern prediction
  • Congestion information – current and predicted for a specific location
  • Quality of service (QoS) sustainability which involves reporting and predicting QoS change
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