AT&T Announces Use of RADCOM’S Innovative Technology to Transform Its Network

August 3, 2016

TEL-AVIV, Israel – August 3, 2016– RADCOM Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDCM) today reported AT&T’s newsroom published the following announcement yesterday, on Tuesday, August 2nd:

Following are excerpts from the announcement:

“AT&T Uses RADCOM’S Innovative Technology to Transform Its Network

Company Moves Network Probing Functions to the Cloud with New Service Assurance Software

“AT&T is migrating network probe functions to the cloud with new service assurance software from RADCOM Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDCM). This move supports AT&T’s continual shift to network virtualization…

 “We selected RADCOM because of its functional strengths, especially in virtualization, scalability, performance and efficiency. We will use its MaveriQ software to deploy vProbes as virtual network functions running on the AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC).”

“RADCOM’s innovative service assurance software – MaveriQ – was chosen for its native cloud capabilities, scalability, performance and efficiency, assuring network transition is as trouble-free as possible while maintaining a high quality of service.”

RADCOM’s MaveriQ offers exceptional performance with terabit scalability, delivering the most cost-effective and innovative software-based service assurance solution. MaveriQ  enables operators to migrate to NFV while supporting both physical, hybrid and virtual networks. In the NFV environment, RADCOM’s offering delivers service assurance in a fully orchestrated and virtualized solution for on-demand probing, onboarding, automated vertical and horizontal scaling and self-healing, all while slotting seamlessly into a rich NFV ecosystem.  

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RADCOM (NASDAQ: RDCM) is a first-mover and leading provider of NFV-ready service assurance and customer experience management solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). RADCOM’s software – MaveriQ – continuously monitors network performance and quality of services, to optimize user experience for CSPs’ subscribers. RADCOM specializes in solutions for next-generation mobile and fixed networks, including LTE, VoLTE, IMS and others. MaveriQ enables CSPs to smoothly migrate their networks to NFV by assuring physical, NFV-based and hybrid networks. For more information, please visit

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